Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

I have under 10 acres, am I still eligible for a Free Report?

Unfortunately, with under 10 acres of forested land it makes it more difficult to match you with personalized opportunities for your land. If the report is not able to provide you with a match, send us an email with the details on your land and we’ll see if we can find resources to send you.

What is considered a forest?

Generally a forest is a parcel of wooded land featuring 20 acres or more.

What to expect once I fill out the form?

Your report should arrive within a few hours. If it does not, please email us and let us know. We want to make sure you receive your report! We will follow up with a quick phone call to discuss the report—you can schedule this by clicking the link in the report email. If it is right for your goals, we will refer you to a forestry professional for a free assessment.

Get Paid to Grow your Forest

We match you with opportunities that are available on your land. Funding may be available from certain partners to help you revitalize your forest to achieve your goals.

About WoodsCamp

What is WoodsCamp?

WoodsCamp is a free platform provided by the American Forest Foundation to connect landowners with people who can help them meet their goals for their land. Whether your goal is to provide better habitat for wildlife or to sustainably harvest timber from your land (or anywhere in between) we can help you meet the right people. We work with local regional partners in each of our project areas to help guide landowners to the right options for their land.

How do you differ from the American Tree Farm?

WoodsCamp is a free platform provided by AFF to connect landowners with forestry management professionals. The American Tree Farm is a system to recognize sustainable management of family forests. Our forestry professionals may refer a landowner to the American Tree Farm System if it matches the landowners goals. Both are associated with AFF and do work in partnership with each other.

Still have questions?

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